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Senin, 28 Januari 2013

Wonderful Resort to Stay: Sumber Watu Heritage

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    What is Sumber Watu Heritage (SWH)? Sumber Watu Heritage is a resort offering villas and Restaurant with a view of Prambanan Temple and Mount Merapi, which looks very beautiful from the Mount. Here in SWH you can enjoy the java atmosphere and feel really hommy. Just then I met with the resort owner who was sitting in the loby SWH. He told me that the resort was started from an empty land that will be used to put Joglo (Joglo is a traditional vernacular house of Javanese people. It consist of two parts; the pendopo and dalem. The pendopo is the front section of Joglo that have large roofed space with columns and without wall or partition) which he bought from Bojonegoro. Then he got an idea to make the concept of Javanese Resort. He said that all of the goods or the decor in this place has a long story. For example, existing Joglo SWH bought at Bojonegoro aged 300 years. Then if you pay attention in the lobby, there is a golden lamp with a antique shape. According to the owner of the resort, the lights are not just an ordinary lamp, it is used to light former Gedung Agung Yogyakarta. Besides the historical lights and three centuries old Joglo, here in SWH you going to see a large stone placed in the middle of the resort. A large black stone that placed in this resort taken from kali putih, which is part of the rest of Merapi eruption. He said that the whole resort has a story that if describe will spend a lot of time, it because almost each part of the resort have a historical story. 

    In addition to a variety of uniqueness contained in Sumber Watu Heritage, there is a restaurant which is very interesting to try. Resto was named Abhayagiri. Abhayagiri name itself was chosen because it has the meaning of holy monks monastery situated on a hill and has a peaceful atmosphere. According to one of the resort's manager, Abhayagiri is another name of Ratu Boko. In this restaurant there are two parts dining atmosphere. Where the first part is an indoor as the main dining. Here you can see a long wooden table with a crystal lamp over the table, then a mini bar complete Resto's corner. The second part of this resto is an outdoor dining terraces facing north with wonderful view of Merapi Mount and Prambanan Temple. 

    In this resto you can order menu such as steak, soup, orange juice, lemon tea and many other menus that you can enjoy here. The sensation of eating here is certainly a great experience if you brings couples to eat together.  If you are looking for a unique venue for dining resto course is suitable for you who love the tranquility and beauty of the city.
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